Tiny Tots mother and toddler group

A NEW mother and toddler group has been formed in The Fountain, it has been named the Tiny Tots Mother and Toddler Group, and meets every Tuesday.

The aim of the group, which meets at the Cathedral Youth Club building, is to reduce the feeling of isolation that new mothers and, particularly, first time mothers, feel after they return home with a new child.

Already there are 12 young children and their mothers enrolled, and there are plans to expand their weekly ‘self-help sessions’ to include information services and visits and talks with visiting health care professionals.

“The idea to form the group came about recently during a discussion and it was felt that especially coming into the winter months that young mothers found themselves cut off from society,” said co-ordinator Jeanette Warke.

“The Cathedral youth Club is right in the heart of the community, and the building is somewhere where mothers can come and chat and share ideas and information on child rearing and support each other,” she said, adding: “We are already looking at expanding the group to include papering sessions and visits from health professionals so that these women feel less isolated and get access to support and advice as and when they need it.”