Top-flight rugby trio in Lisburn visit

Lisburn Leisure Centre will next week welcome a trio of top-flight Northern Ireland sports personalities.

On Wednesday (April 16), in partnership with churches in the greater Lisburn area , Johann Muller, Ruan Pienaar and Paul Marshall will be in Lisburn Leisure Centre to talk all things rugby and to share about their faith.

They will be interviewed there by the BBC’s Mark Simpson.

Announcing the visit, Gareth ‘Spud’ Murphy, said: “At Christian Vision for Men we represent the Christian players at Ulster Rugby.

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“With several key local and international Christian players at Ulster, the club has seen a tremendous turnaround in the last five years, both on and off the field - something we don’t see as a coincidence.

“As you can appreciate this has led to an influx of requests from churches and other organisations throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

“ . . . At CVM we have embarked on a tour of Northern Ireland with the players, hosting three events each year in specific areas.

“Using CVM’s four-level evangelism strategy we invite all the churches and organisations from one area to join together for a great night out at Ravenhill (discounted) to see the guys in action, followed up with a larger event in the town/city a week or two later where players such as Johann Muller, Ruan Pienaar and Paul Marshall will share their life-changing stories.

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“So far in the five areas we visited we reached just under 6000 men and young boys (as well as one or two women) and we are expecting a huge crowd next week in Lisburn.

On the night there will also be a farewell to Johann Muller, as he prepares to retire, with a special presentation and tribute celebrating his time in Northern Ireland.