Town centre traffic work is hit by delay at eleventh hour

Plans to introduce a new one-way-system in Larne town centre underwent something of a '˜U-turn' in February 2000.

Signs had gone up around the town stating that work was set to commence on the scheme in the coming weeks. However, within 24 hours, the plan had to ‘give way’ owing to roadworks by another branch of the DOE.

The one-way plan was to be introduced at the same time as part of Victoria Road was closed to through traffic.

Similar work was also set to affect Station Road.

At the time it was believed that the congestion that this would have caused was central to the decision to postpone the one-way-system.

A spokesman from the DOE said that due to works to be carried out by the Water Service, the road plan had been postponed until April 2000. He said that this was in order to minimise inconvenience to drivers.

Work on another project at Broadway was set to start in February. The DOE’s Environmental Improvement initiative was aimed at creating an attractive focal point for the town centre.

The one-way-system was set to complement this project, with traffic move in a double lane from Quay Street.