Tractor and trailer showing no lights

A Dromore man was fined £150 last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court for using a vehicle which was in a dangerous condition.

Gavin Thompson (38), Grove Road, Dromore, was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that at 7.30pm on March 18 this year police went to a road traffic accident and saw a Massey Ferguson tractor and a trailer at the side of the carriageway.

There were bales of hay on the trailer which had no rear lights.

The flashing light on the trailer was hidden because of the bales. A vehicle had attempted to overtake but because there were no lights the driver crashed into the trailer.

The defendant confirmed he had been driving along the carriageway and when he felt the impact he stopped. He was on his way home later than he anticipated.

A solicitor representing Thompson said he had the bales stacked up on the trailer.

They were too high and the defendant accepted this was the case.

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