Traffic calming needed on the Kesh Road - call

The Department of Regional Development has said there are no plans to set up traffic calming measures on the Kesh Road, near the Maze.

Kesh Road. US1425-533cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Their comments come after Maze resident Denis Troughton complained about the amount of speedsters using the road.

He claimed that it was ‘without doubt one of the most dangerous roads in the Lisburn area.’

He said that more motorists were using the Kesh Road as a short cut and ignoring the 30mph speed restriction.

And he fears that a resurfacing scheme which is due to begin next week will make matters worse.

“Someone is going to get killed if things do not improve,” said Mr Troughton who has lived on the road for 16 years.

“What I have seen on the road would scare you. I was walking along the road one time when I saw a man in a convertible with a child and he was easily going around 60 to 70mph. It is shocking.

“I fear that someone will get killed. It could be a motorist or a pedestrian but if this goes on the way it does there is no doubt in my mind we will be looking at a fatality. The resurfacing will just encourage more to speed. It is like a race track now as it is. More and more people are using this stretch as a short cut to get to Sprucefield.

“I don’t have a problem with it being used as a short cut as long as motorists adhere to the speeding restrictions.”

Councillor John Palmer has called for a change in legislation.

“I have already contacted the DRD but they said that to get traffic calming measures could take months,” he said.

“I understand how people using the road think that they are not in a 30mph. It is very easy to forget because there are no repeat signs. I have raised this with the DRD time and time again. There is no legislation that any repeat signs have to be in place - it is if its 40mph but not if it’s a 30mph.

“I think the legislation should be changed in certain circumstances.”