Trainee doctor’s window broken in ‘hate crime’

POLICE say that they treating an incident in which the window of a house at Donard Drive was smashed as a ‘hate crime.’

Funsho Abogunrin, who owns the house, said the incident on Friday night around 10pm was part of a long running campaign against him and his family.

The father-of-two said that for the past two years his wife, three-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter have had been called all sorts of names by a gang of youths who congregate at a nearby alleyway.

They have had stones thrown at their home and their windows and doors rapped on countless occasions.


Funsho, who is a trainee doctor, has lived in Scotland, Darlington and London and said he had never encountered problems until he moved to Tonagh a few years ago.

“This is the worst incident where a piece of metal smashed the window,” he said.

“We have had people calling us names, someone rapping the doors and then running away and it gets worse during holiday time.

“I am a trainee doctor and if I was to do anything and go out to them it would jeopardise my licence and the licence would be taken from me.”

Funsho moved to Lisburn in 2003 at lived at first at Howard Place, but he said the last two years at Donard Drive have been a living nightmare.

“They think that it is fun and it is just child’s play knocking at our doors and running away but I draw the line when they damage my home, especially when my wife and children are on their own,” he said

“I would look over it if it was just an isolated incident but it is not.


“Perhaps parents can do something to stop their children from congregating outside and shouting abuse.

“Know where your child is, I know where my children are.

“If I was to call the police every time something happened I would never be off the phone with them.

“There are only so many times you can call the police but enough is now enough.”

“I am not renting my house so it is not as if I can just move to another home,” he continued.

“Parents need to speak to their children. I am at a stage that I just do not know what to do,”

Police said they received a report that a window of a house in the Donard Drive area had been smashed on Friday night,

A spokesperson said, “Officers are treating the incident as a hate crime and have been in touch with the victim to offer advice and assistance.

“Enquiries are continuing.”