Calls made to improve infrastructure in Glengormley

Political representatives have met with Department for Infrastructure (DfI) officers in a bid to alleviate traffic issues in the Antrim Road area of Glengormley.

Councillors discussed the Church Way/Antrim Road junction.
Councillors discussed the Church Way/Antrim Road junction.
Councillors discussed the Church Way/Antrim Road junction.

Councillors representing the Glengormley Urban DEA conducted a site visit with DfI representatives at the Church Way/Antrim Road junction yesterday (Tuesday, January 14).

The meeting was called after local residents voiced concerns about the existing infrastructure in the area.

Following the meeting, Ald Julian McGrath (Alliance) said: "Council is about to embark on our 'Public Realms scheme' in this area and a lot of money is about to be pumped in to improving this area/footpaths.

"This has made DfI reluctant to spend some of its very limited budget until this work starts. We have stressed to DfI that we need a joined up approach between council and DfI and that improvement works on the operation of this junction need to be coordinated alongside the Public Realms work.

"Council is also regenerating the police station area. This will also impact the area and needs to be factored into roads changes and alterations.

"DfI are reluctant to put a filter light in at present. Their data suggests it causes tailbacks down the Antrim Road in an area which is already a traffic hot spot - and they need to listen to agencies including Translink."

Sinn Fein representative, Cllr Rosie Kinnear also welcomed the outcome of the meeting. Commenting afterwards, Cllr Kinnear said: "They’re going to programme lights so that they stay green one way longer. This will allow cars to turn into Church Way or McDonald’s (depending on which side is green longer at that given moment!) without any oncoming traffic.

"A sensible short term solution that will help instantly."

Posting on social media after the site visit, SDLP representative Cllr Noreen McClelland said: "Working together is always the right way to achieve the best possible result."

The visit was attended by Cllr Noreen McClelland, Cllr Michael Goodman, Cllr Rosie Kinnear, Ald Julian McGrath and Cllr Allison Bennington.

The Times asked the Department for a response, but none was forthcoming at the time of going to print.