Motorists reminded to get ready for winter

This winter police are asking motorists to make sure they are road ready and prepared to react to changing weather conditions.

Fewer shootings and punishment-style attacks were also recorded by police.

Road Policing Chief Inspector Graham Dodds said: “The colder weather can bring both ice and snow and we want to make sure drivers and other road users are alert to the conditions.

Driving too quickly for the road conditions is the one of the biggest causes of road collisions so even if you are in a 30mph area, it may mean you have to drive more slowly because the weather is bad.

“Stopping distances increase greatly when weather conditions are poor, so slow down and leave a bigger gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Another reason for unnecessary frustrations and delay is not preparing your vehicle or making sure it is mechanically ready for the rigours of winter.

“Tyres must be in good condition and meet the legal requirement of 1.6mm. A defective tyre at best could lead to a £60 fine and three penalty points on your licence; at worst it could result in catastrophic consequences.

“All lights must be clean, working and correctly adjusted and remember to use dipped headlights when driving in poor weather. Our simple advice is that if your vehicle wipers are switched on, so should your dipped headlights.

“If you have fog lights, use them when the weather is foggy, but remember it is illegal to use these lights at other times. Defective lights, or illegal use of fog lights, can result in a £30 fixed penalty notice. Windscreen wipers should be in good condition and all windows must be clear of frost before setting off.

“We all need to play our part to make our roads safer for everyone.”