TransportNI: Pigeon invasion prompts emergency closure of Craigavon footpath

TransportNI has confirmed a pigeon invasion at the Craigavon Bridge over recent months has prompted the emergency closure of the lower deck footpath, popular with walkers and cyclists.

A spokesperson for TransportNI said: “For reasons not readily apparent the number of pigeons roosting in and around the lower deck of Craigavon Bridge has significantly increased in recent months.

“Consequently there has been an increase in the build up of droppings throughout the structure including the footway/cycleway on the lower deck. “TransportNI in conjunction with other statutory agencies is exploring various courses of action in an attempt to address this problem.

“The footway/cycleway has been closed in the interest of public safety in the interim.

“TransportNI apologises for any inconvenience caused while this matter is being dealt with.”