Treasure hunters brave the elements

On a wet and blustery midsummer’s evening in Cairncastle, the local roads saw an increase of traffic as the community association-organised treasure hunt got underway.

It may have been a stroke of luck, or maybe just good planning that it was not necessary to leave the comfort of the cars to answer the clues set by Robert Stewart and Sam Wharry.

All cars carried their occupants from Cairncastle to Glenarm, Feystown, Killyglen and back to Cairncastle although some cars travelled more miles than others.

Awaiting the treasure hunters was a magnificent spread put together by the association members and even enough to feed the disappointed hill climbers after rain stopped their play.

The winning car, driven by Hugo Manson and his team, succeeded in getting a correct answer to every clue. William Bell’s car and Angela McConkey’s car followed the winners onto the rostrum.

The association would like to thank all those who supported their summer fundraiser, especially Martha and her staff of Matties Meeting House for providing warmth and comfort on such a wild summers’ evening.

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