Trevor Lunn to stand for Alliance Party

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA, Trevor Lunn, is set to challenge Jeffrey Donaldson in next year’s general election, having been selected as the Alliance Party’s candidate in Lagan Valley.

Mr Lunn was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly for Lagan Valley in the 2007 Assembly election.

He has been a councillor for Lisburn since 2001, serving as Deputy Mayor for the term 2005/6 and was elected as Mayor of the City of Lisburn on June 22, 2006.

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Speaking after his selection, Mr Lunn said: “I am delighted to accept the nomination and look forward to the challenge of another General Election.

“Alliance offers the voters a clear alternative to the divisive politics demonstrated by other Parties and it is vital that the people of Lagan Valley have the option of voting for a future based on tolerance and respect for each other’s cultures and traditions, a future free from sectarianism, intimidation and social exclusion.

“As a Councillor, Mayor and MLA since 2001,

“I have done my best to represent all the people of Lagan Valley and if elected I will continue to do so, following the example of Naomi Long MP who has served the people of East Belfast with distinction for the last five years in Westminster.

“The way forward for Northern Ireland is the shared future that Alliance proudly promotes and we will not be deterred from working towards that goal.”