Tributes paid to Eoin - a true inspiration

Eoin Henry touched many lives before he sadly passed away on Sunday, May 14 aged 20-years of age after a battle with cancer with his parents Veronica and Stephen and his girlfriend Rachel Gurney by his side.

Eoin Henry with his girlfriend Rachel Gurney

Numerous tributes have been paid to the former St Brigid’s Primary School and Our Lady of Lourdes High School pupil who worked as a warehouse manager at EFS NI, a fitness equipment company in Ballymoney owned by his father Stephen.

Just ten days prior Eoin posted on his facebook page: “Today I got news I always knew was coming. It’s hard to get up in the morning and feel normal again. It’s hard to do anything and not feel out of place. Basically my treatment has slowly stopped working.”

After initially seeing doctors in September 2015 about pains in his lower abdomen, Eoin was diagnosed with cancer last year and he reacted positively to chemotherapy. However, when he returned three months later for check-ups, he discovered that the cancer had come back.

Eoin and his Mum Veronica

Although there were possible options for alternative treatments including an operation, Eoin felt he was not strong enough adding: “Couldn’t do it as I was unfit for it.”

He continued: “Now I never ask for attention or anything when it comes to this, but I do want is to say to all my friends family etc etc, whatever the outcome, that’s it there’s nothing we can do just what its going to be...

“Only the strongest of fighters are giving this fighting card, I’m half way there, it’s tight, can I win the last few rounds? I can? Really?? “Lets show this disease it’s home.”

Despite putting up a tremendous battle, Eoin lost his fight and his girlfriend Rachel paid tribute to him on the day of his funeral. “So today is the day I did not expect to happen for a very long time. Eoin was the most kind, caring and loving person you will ever meet!

Eoin with his Dad Stephen Henry

“He was a inspiration to so many people and so many people admire him. Eoin would never ever be upset he would always have a big smile on his face no matter what! He was a absolute character. The amount of memories I have of Eoin I could sit here all day long.”

Online, friends paid tribute to Eoin. One said: “Rest in peace...God only takes the best and I hope your flying happy and pain free no matter where you will be.” Another added: “You were an inspiration to all those fighting this disease. In fact you always will be.”

One paid tribute to his bravery saying: “In recent years you have been the teacher and we the pupils learning from your courage strength love of life.”

Eoin is survived by his parents Stephen and Veronica and his girlfriend Rachel.

Eoin and his Mum Veronica
Eoin with his Dad Stephen Henry