Trust wants patients' views on diabetes

The Southern Health and Social Care Trust is encouraging any local people with an interest in Diabetes to share their views in helping to shape future services.

Type 1 diabetes, caused by the body’s failure to produce the hormone insulin is not preventable, usually develops in children and young people and requires regular insulin injections as a life saving treatment.

Type 2 diabetes is linked with obesity and increasing age and accounts for 90% of diabetes cases. It is caused by the body’s failure to produce enough insulin or when the insulin produced does not work properly.

The Southern Trust has a wide range of community and hospital based services to support people with diabetes and is keen to continually improve these as Angela McVeigh, Director of Older People and Primary Care says: “Diabetes is one of the most challenging chronic conditions facing our population. People with the condition are at risk of significant health problems like renal disease, sight problems or cardiovascular disease.

“In the Southern area we currently have around 6,000 patients with diabetes including children and adults. Given the continued growth in our population and persistent increase in diabetes, we have recently reviewed our services and have introduced a number of new developments to support people with the condition.

“Because it is a long-term condition, patients and their carers become real experts in diabetes. That is why we encourage you all to respond to this consultation, to help shape and improve diabetes services to meet the rising demand and ensure that people with the condition have the best possible quality of life.” The closing date for responses is 5pm on Tuesday 31st of May 2016.

Consultation documents can be found at