Turbine gets green light from council

Planning permission for a wind turbine in Ballyclare has been granted by Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council's Planning Committee.

The turbine, which is set to be located close to the Green Road in the town, will have a base height of 40 metres and a blade length of 22 metres.

It will be constructed in the south eastern corner of the former landfill site at Coulters Hill.

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The landfill has been capped and restored to create a domed area planted with coarse grass, with emerging areas of gorse and a number of small trees evident.

The proposed turbine site is approximately 750 metres east of the Hillhead Road, 500 metres south of the Green Road and around 500 metres south east of the settlement limit of Ballyclare as defined by the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan.

Access to the turbine site is proposed via an existing access to the former landfill from Green Road.

South Antrim DUP MLA, Paul Girvan, addressed the Planning Committee meeting on Monday, May 16, in opposition to the proposed turbine.

Speaking to the Times following the meeting, Mr Girvan said: “This wind turbine will be visible from across Ballyclare, which will have detrimental affects on the beauty of the region.

“It will have a major impact for the owners of surrounding properties, with noise pollution being one problem.”