TUV discuss policing and justice at AGM

TUV MEMBER David Vance has outlined his concerns over devolution of policing and justice powers at the recent meeting of the Ballymena branch of the TUV.

Mr Vance was guest speaker at the groups Annual General meeting in Ahoghill Orange hall on Wednesday January 20.

He was conducting the election of officers for the year is a member of the Upper Bann TUV branch. He has written extensively on a variety of political topics and appears regularly on local radio and TV political programmes. Mr Vance also runs a well known political website entitled A Tangled Web.

During his remarks, Mr Vance said that the key components that attracted him to the TUV and the vision that Jim Allister has, was honesty and integrity - something that was sadly lacking in politicians from the other main parties, where spin, self preservation and ambiguity now ruled.

Turning to the current talks regarding policing and justice, Mr Vance said, “Why is policing and justice such a central Republican demand? Well, Sinn Fein/IRA make it very clear – In their 2005 manifesto they stated:

“Our strategy is for a new all-Ireland policing and justice system. That cannot be achieved without the transfer of policing and justice powers away from London, into an Executive and Assembly and all-Ireland institutions.

To conclude: “Whatever way it is dressed up and whatever way the justice minister operates the devolution of these vitally important powers will not, as some foolishly claim, bring us back to the days of Carson. Rather, it will represent yet another destructive advance of the Republican agenda”.

The meeting was brought to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.

The annual Ballymena TUV dinner and auction will be held on Saturday 27 February 2010 at 7.30pm in the Ross Park hotel, Kells. Tickets for the annual dinner are priced at 25 and can be obtained from any branch member or by contacting TUV Headquarters on 028 9065 5011.