Twin brothers join Green Party campaign for forthcoming super council elections

Twin brothers are among the Lagan Valley Green Party candidates for the forthcoming Lisburn and Castlereagh elections.

Jonathan and James McMurray are standing for Lisburn North and Lisburn South respectively and Luke Robinson is standing for Downshire West.

The MEP candidate is Ross Brown.

A spokesperson for the party said: “Twin brothers James and Jonathan have worked respectively as a pharmacist, homelessness worker, scientist, business owner, legal advisor, administrator and teacher whilst Luke is an expert in Meteorology and is a Maths tutor.

“This wealth of experience in many areas of life makes the Greens able to create fresh solutions for problems.

“We believe this is a very strong team that will provide the best leadership for the people of Lagan Valley.”

The spokesperson continued: “For the last year, the Greens have campaigned hard on social issues that other parties wouldn’t touch.

“This includes provision for people with special needs after they reach age 18, keeping Lisburn and NI free from fracking, challenging homophobia and racism, helping people fight unsuitable development proposals as well as holding the DUP to account for their many unwise decisions whilst they held the reigns of power in Lisburn.”

“Many people have told us that they are voting Green for the first time ever – due to concern over climate change, failing business in the town centre, sectarian squabbling taking priority over everyday business and concern for their children’s future.

“We have such a wealth of natural beauty in Lisburn, and we hope to enhance this with more community involvement with the land, clean energy and sustainability.”.

“We will work for everyone in our community equally with a concern for the Common Good above all else.

“We aim to be the most positive and transparent party everyone can vote for in good conscience,” the spokesperson added.

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