Twitchers fly to Dervock to see bird

Although not particularly rare, the sighting of a small egret or a small white heron feeding in the Straham River, Dervock certainly caused local twitchers and camera enthusiasts to record this moment.

As recent colonist (1989) – the ‘Little Egret’ it is most common along the south and east coasts of England, and in Wales. The estuaries of Devon and Cornwall; Poole Harbour and Chichester Harbour hold some of the largest concentrations and they are also common in East Anglia.

They are an increasingly common sight in inland areas too and are gradually increasing their range northwards here.

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It must have read the Social Media page ‘Dervock and District History by Peter Thompson’ and realised as a visitor, as well as a renowned trout and Salmon River, the village is steeped or awash with so much to see.

Well the bird was definitely welcomed and caused quite a stir!