U-turn on setting up Travellers rights group in Mid Ulster

Mid Ulster Council has done a U-turn on a previous decision to delay the establishment of a new body to explore the implementation of rights of Travellers in the district.

Sinn Féin Councillor Ronan McGinley welcomed the vote at last night's monthly meeting of the council which saw the SDLP and Unionist parties unite in an effort to stop the working group being set up.“I am glad to see the council take this decision. I want to thank the two independent councillors who supported the motion, and the Sinn Féin group who ensured the original decision was overturned," he said."Setting up the working group is the right thing to do. It will help deal with reoccurring issues across our district and it will help support the work of our partners such as the Housing Executive."Councillor McGinley said he was disappointed the SDLP again joined forces with the UUP and DUP to try and block the establishment of the group."However, I hope they will get on board when they see the positive and productive work taking place, rather than denying there is an issue of rights and attempting to score cheap points," he continued.“By establishing a working group, the council will be able to reflect on the needs of all stakeholders, inclusive of both the travelling and settled communities.“Sinn Fein clearly said last month that we would work to overturn the ridiculous decision proposed by the SDLP, DUP and UUP. I welcome that this has now been done and we can get on with dealing with the issues.”