A brush with death?

NO parent expects their young child to go into the bathroom and die, yet that is the risk all parents take when there is fluoride toothpaste present within easy reach.

'Fluoride, the chief ingredient in toothpaste, is highly poisonous.'

Fluoride, the chief ingredient in toothpaste, is highly poisonous. In fact, unbeknownst to most parents, a fatal dose of toxic toothpaste lurks in virtually every bathroom in the country.

A 2002 report by the Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland, which said that ‘fluoride is a poison in large doses,’ warned that ‘young children are particularly at risk of ingesting potentially life-threatening doses of fluoride from oral care products.’

The report made a stark revelation; ‘swallowing as little as one-quarter of a tube (of fluoride toothpaste) may be life threatening for a one-year-old child.’ A tube of toothpaste has enough fluoride to kill a child up to about age 12, it added.

'Dental fluorosis is systematic fluoride poisoning of the teeth. Its a visible sign that you have been poisoned by fluoride and its permanent, and it is only caused by fluoride'

Therefore to avoid children killing themselves, the report advocated that ‘fluoride products should be kept out of reach of children’. However, young children have no spitting reflexes.

Even using a small amount of toothpaste on a brush, will result in most of the toothpaste being swallowed, with serious health consequences.

The only fool proof solution, according to the 2002 report, is don’t use the toothpaste. The report recommended that ‘parents should be advised not to use toothpaste when brushing their children’s teeth until the age of 2 years.’

Wait a minute! If toothpaste is as poisonous as this, WHY hasn’t a government somewhere put a poison warning on the tube? Believe it or not, in the US all fluoridated toothpaste tubes must carry a “poison warning” on them by Federal Law, as of 1997.

It warns that: if you accidentally swallow more than a tiny pea-sized amount, you should contact a “poison control center immediately.”

Yet British and Irish fluoride toothpastes carry NO poison warning. Why? Shouldn’t parents here be warned of the risk of poisoning? Are our kids worth less than US kids?

It is highly immoral to have a product as toxic as this in every bathroom and not have a poison warning. This important product safety issue certainly needs to be brought to Stormont.

Put A Lid On It!

You’ll notice that other risky drugs have child–proof caps to protect small children who like to try things when parents aren’t around. Bleach has a child-proof cap for that reason.

Considering that the US Federal Government felt compelled to put a poison warning on because of a pea-sized amount, it is clear that this stuff is poisonous at very, very small amounts.

Then fluoride toothpaste should have a child – proof cap to safeguard the most vulnerable as well!

Fluoride is a cumulative poison, so small amounts build up in the body. An adult retains 50% of all they ingest, whereas babies’ fragile bodies can’t excrete it, as 90 per cent stays in their bodies, putting babies at higher risk of side-effects.

Toothpaste will no longer be your Child’s main source of fluoride if our Health Minister presses ahead with plans to add fluoride to Ulster’s tap water.

Numerous reviews, including the York Report, have said that fluoridation at one part per million (1ppm) causes toxic effects in 50 per cent of people. And remarkably, these effects show up in the teeth which fluoride is supposed to protect. The condition is called dental fluorosis.

Dental damage by fluoride

Dental fluorosis is systematic fluoride poisoning of the teeth. It’s a visible sign that you have been poisoned by fluoride and it’s permanent, and it is only caused by fluoride.

Fluorosis appears as white flecks on teeth, and can cause brown discoloured stains. At severe levels (which can result from swallowing toothpaste), the teeth are pitted and chipped. The tooth enamel is totally destroyed. Severe enamel fluorosis is a toxic effect that causes structural damage to the teeth, according to the US National Research Council report in 2006.

With this evidence that fluoridation damages teeth, far more convincing than evidence of benefit, international experts say it’s time to stop.

“Litigation is inevitable. Inaction in the face of evidence could be considered negligent,” said Dr. Hardy Limeback, past president of the Canadian Association of Dental Research, when he addressed TDs at the Oireachtas Health Committee in 2000. But the existence of fluorosis raises much more troubling questions about water fluoridation.

If 1ppm damages your teeth, the only visible part of your skeleton, surely it’s damaging your bones too? And does ingesting fluoride via toothpaste combined with fluoridated water create even worse effects? The evidence is alarming.

Fluoride in water has been linked to osteoporosis/arthritis, cancer, genetic damage, gastrointestinal issues, thyroid problems and neurological disorders and lower IQ in children.

According to Dr Vyvyan Howard a toxo-pathologist at the University of Ulster Coleraine, says that:

“There are studies that show that osteoporosis, thinning of the bones, is higher in fluoridated communities and that when you get towards the end of your life the rate of hip fractures is measured to be twice as high in fluoridated townships in America than non-fluoridated ones.”

With over a thousand published studies linking fluoride consumption to cancer, osteoporosis, etc., do we really want this added to our water?

In the same way as the cigarette pack shows a picture of someone’s burned out lungs to warn you of the risks…shouldn’t the toothpaste carton carry a photo of dental fluorosis? Is it fair to keep this from parents? Not warning them that the very product being advertised as a protection against tooth decay can also create dental damage? There is a need for photos of dental fluorosis on the box, so that parents can recognize the damage when it appears and choose to avoid the product by buying non-fluoride toothpaste at a health store.

Ulster says NO!

Health Minister Edwin Poots announced that he is considering water fluoridation for Ulster, even though 25 out of 26 councils voted against it in 1996. Along with the four area Health and Social Services Councils, NIPSA (the civil servants Union), the two Farmers Unions,

Queens Students Union, the Angling Federation, the Vegetarian Society and Shorts (the aero-space manufacturer) threatened to pull out of the North if fluoridation went ahead.

He has declared water fluoridation safe. Yet in 2002 a report by the Belgian Health Ministry claimed that swallowing fluoride causes osteoporosis and neurological defects.

Belgium then banned fluoride supplements and called for a European-wide ban on fluoride toothpaste. The Belgian Health Minister, Magda Aelvoet, stated that: “fluoride is a slithering poison that seeps into the brain.”

Clearly one of these Ministers is wrong. The Belgian Minister is siding with the 98% of Europe who have rejected water fluoridation, with many countries trying it, only to stop later over health concerns.

Holland rewrote its constitution to prevent fluoridation from ever coming back after doctors proved fluoride was causing side-effects in the population.

So why would our Health Minister be considering such a mass-medication solution for a supposed dental benefit in a small group of children when Europe is so opposed? This question needs to be answered by Minister Poots before this is brought forward to the Assembly.

Doesn’t Europe want good teeth like the Republic of Ireland? Amazingly 9 European countries have better teeth than the Republic of Ireland without mandatorily drugging their people. There obviously is a better way to reduce tooth decay.

Tale of Two Towns

THE Northern Ireland government used Holywood and Tandragee as two fluoridated test towns. Both had fluoride added to their water for thirty years to see what the benefits were.

You would then expect the government to have kept detailed records on the health and dental state of these two towns to base their decision to fluoridate the rest of Ulster.

However government officials claim that NO records were kept. It is unbelievable that citizens could be used as lab rats with out doing any health or dental studies and yet that is what has been done to these two communities.

The same thing has happened in the Republic as well. For 50 years the South has mandatorily drugged 76% of the population with fluoride acid without doing any health studies, despite the 1960’s Health Act stipulating they should be done!

Long time resident Mr. G. Murphy stated: “The same government that didn’t keep records on these two towns, now wants the whole of Northern Ireland mass-medicated through their tap water, when they know that 99.9 per cent of it is lost in underground leeks, to industry, household waste water and flushing toilets! The people need to stand against this waste of tax payers money and the release of large quantities of fluoride acid into the environment.”

“Fluoride causes cancer and causes it quicker than any other chemical on earth” statement by Dr. Dean Burke, US Cancer Institute.

Cancer and bone damage are not the only worries…infants face the biggest risks as they are not fully formed and therefore are more vulnerable to fluorides many toxic effects.

The 2011 EC SCHER Report affirmed that Irish ‘formula-fed’ babies, (whose feed is made using fluoridated tap water) are exceeding the safe dose, as set by the US Institute of Medicine. ‘For infants up to 6 months old receiving infant formula… this amount is 200 times higher than the amount found in breast milk,’ said the SCHER report.

Dr. Howard explains why this is so important: “Nature has invented a way of keeping fluoride away from the infant and we’re circumventing that by putting fluoride in drinking water. The question is WHY nature has devised a system to keep fluoride away from an infant? The answer is - it is a neurotoxin. They have no right really to use a mass-medication like this.”

Of grave concern for Northern Ireland is the source of the fluoride to be added to water. The ingredient in toothpaste is pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride. The fluoride to be added to water, at a rate of one part per million (1ppm), is a much more toxic industrial grade chemical called hydrofluorosilicic acid. A highly corrosive acid, it is mainly sourced as a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

This acid is more corrosive than Sulphuric Acid and can eat through stainless steel, concrete and fiberglass! As an industrial grade chemical it has been found to contain mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, uranium and 25 other questionable contaminants.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid has never been tested for safety on humans, nor has it ever been proven to reduce tooth decay. Would you believe that your government want to add this to your water?

Demand Change

This situation is only happening because the public are unaware..SO demand change: copy this article and pass to friends, at play groups, schools, politicians, etc; Buy non-fluoride toothpaste from a Health Food Store if you want to avoid the risks altogether; Form a consumer group to demand your rights; write to Radio, Newspapers and TV.

What We Need

A poison warning on all fluoride toothpaste; A child-proof cap; Photos of dental fluorosis on the box.

Further information on fluoride can be obtained from: www.fluoridealert.org