Residents torpedo one way Bishop Street system

PROPOSALS to implement a one way traffic management system in the Bishop Street area of Londonderry city centre have been shot down by residents and business who have objected to the idea.

Elsewhere in the city a consultation over a similar traffic scheme in the Park Avenue area of Rosemount is still ongoing although Roads Service officials have heard from at least one business owner in the area indicating he would not support such a move.

According to the Roads Minister Danny Kennedy, Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue and Catherine Pollock, of the TRIAX community group, carried out a consultation exercise with residents and businesses in the area. The process was designed to gauge support for such a one way system before the initiation of a lengthy legislative process to implement it. But the Minister said the scheme fell at the first hurdle.

He stated: “Unfortunately, a number of businesses and residents submitted objections to the proposals and consequently my officials are not proposing to develop this scheme any further.”

The consultation on the scheme for Park Avenue is still extant, however,

Officials have requested further information on the content of the consultation. Once officials have reviewed this information, a decision will be taken on the best way forward,” said Mr Kennedy.

“My Department has received representation from a business owner in Park Avenue indicating he would not be in support of the proposed scheme,” he added.

Referring to traffic issues in Bishop Street over a year ago, Councillor Logue said the majority of residents wanted a complete review of traffic management. “I therefore welcome the news that DRD Road service has agreed to carry out preliminary design work to try and address traffic problems that have blighted lower Bishop Street for many years and that residents will be asked for input around the formation of those plans.”