Roads Service to carry outsurvey on busy crossing

DUP Alderman Drew Thompson has urged motorists and pedestrians to exercise extreme caution at a traffic island on the Rossdowney Road in the Waterside.
Drew Thompson.Drew Thompson.
Drew Thompson.

Mr Thompson says he is concerned someone could be killed on a section of the road between Lincoln Courts and the Clooney estate.

“Since the opening of the new play park in Clooney a lot of children have been using the traffic island to cross from Lincoln Courts to go down and use it,” explained Mr Thompson.

“Our concern is that there are no signs to warn that children are crossing in the area and we would really like to see Roads Service look at installing a permanent crossing there,” he added.

Mr Thompson said Roads Service have agreed to look at the matter and carry out a survey of the road once the academic school year commences next month.

For their part, Roads Service have promised to carry out a survey.

A spokesperson said: “Roads Service staff have met with political representatives from the DUP and a number of residents on Rossdowney Road in Londonderry.

“Roads Service have agreed to carry out a traffic survey in September as part of a Controlled Pedestrian Crossing assessment and also to consider the installation of warning signs.”

Mr Thompson suggested a pelican, zebra or toucan crossing may be a solution for the area.

He also suggested ‘Children crossing’ and ‘30 miles per hour’ signs should be erected in the area.

The flux of people between Lincoln Courts and Clooney has been exacerbated in recent months not only by the fine weather but by the completion of the £250k playpark in the heart of the Clooney estate, which has been hailed as a brilliant community facility.

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