UKIP candidate sets out campaign focus

UKIP North Antrim candidate, Councillor Donna Anderson, says that if elected to the new Assembly she will move a motion to reduce DRD's budget by the amount they are spending on the Belfast Rapid Transit system.

UKIP candidate Donna Anderson handing in nomination papers.

She stated: “If DRD don’t have the money to pay for the system the contract will have to be re-thought.

“I think direct action of this kind will teach DRD the extent to which ordinary people are angry at their decision to give a valuable local contract like this to a foreign firm, hiding behind EU rules. I still believe this matter could have been better handled by DRD. As far as the people of North Antrim are concerned, a vote to leave the EU is the only sensible way to go since it was EU rules that deprived them of this important local contract.

“Farmers in North Antrim should also realise that, if we come out of the EU, we will have more money for farmers, not less. Farmers are more likely to get a good deal from the UK government than they do in the EU. Farms subsidies are likely to be increased. I firmly believe this because of the record of the UK Government. When the EU cut capital spending here from £69 million to £34 million, it was the UK government that stepped in and made up the difference.

“People should trust the track record of their own Government and stop believing Brussels bureaucrats will look after them. The UK Government already subsidises Northern Ireland to the extent of £9 billion a year. Since we pay billions more into the EU than we get back, there will actually be more money for farmers and businesses and far less red tape,” she stated.