Ulster Scots books launched

The Ullans Speaker Association have launched their latest four books - a children’s activity book on the ‘Saisons an the Wather’, ‘Furst reading book in Ulster Scots’, ‘Heroes from the Heartland’ and the most recent ‘Alice Carrants in wunnerlan’.

The launch was attended by several members of the Ullans Speakers Association along with guests which included Liam Logan, Ian Adamson, Ulster Scots Agency & Community Network representatives and also Ballymoney Mayor Ian Stevenson.

‘Alice Carrants in Wunnerlan’ is the first translation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland into Ulster Scots, a language which derives from the Lowlands in Scotland and which was imported into Northern Ireland in the early 17th century.

As a dialect of Scots, it is closely related to standard English, but there are many differences in both grammar and vocabulary between the two languages.

A good deal of effort has been put into ensuring that the orthography used in Alice Carrants in Wunnerlan is as consistent as possible.

The spelling conforms to traditional practices amongst most of those writing in Ulster Scots, brought up in the Ulster Scots speaking areas.