Ulster Unionists welcome the endorsement of progress

DESPITE A disappointing result in the westminster elections, local Ulster Unionists have welcomed the endorsement of progress indicated by voters.

Lexie Scott, Chairman of the Ballymena Division of the Ulster Unionists, said: “This is a clear indication that the voters of North Antrim want the progress begun with the Good Friday Agreement to be maintained.”

Speaking after the election count Ulster Unionists were clearly disappointed with their share of the vote on Thursday night.

Robin Swann, the Constituency Association Chairman said: “It was clear that many Ulster Unionist were voting tactically to ensure that the negative policies of Jim Allister and the TUV would not be allowed to represent North Antrim, it was clear that the message of progress on the issues of the economy and jobs was popular with the electorate. But it was also clear that they wanted to send a strong message that they have finished with the old negative image which blighted this Constituency for so long.”

“Our candidate, Irwin Armstrong, had a very strong campaign,” said Derek Torrens, Chairman of the Ballymoney Division.

“There will be a great many challenges for all the people of the UK in the months which lie ahead,” added Mr Torrens, “and it is absolutely essential that our new MPs play a full part in the hard decisions which will lie ahead.”

“We wish Ian Paisley well in his new role as MP for the Constituency of North Antrim,” added Mr Scott, “and we were also pleased to hear his strong support for Unionist unity.”

“This was a difficult election for the Ulster Unionists in North Antrim but we are determined to learn from any mistakes we made and to ensure that we able to give the electors the service they deserve,” concluded Mr Swann.