Unison members strike over low pay rise offer

Unison members working mainly in Education Support Services and some in local councils will take strike action on Thursday July 10.

The employer‘s side of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services which covers these workers in Northern Ireland, as well as England and Wales have refused to renegotiate on the 1% pay offer. The trade union side claim was designed to call a halt to poverty pay in local government and schools. UNISON is part of the claim for a better offer and to make the Living Wage of the bottom rate of NJC pay scales.

A spokesperson said: “We have suffered three consecutive years of NJC pay freezes followed by a low inflation settlement in 2013. It was only the application of a once off non -consolidated pay award of £250 in 2011 and 2012 approved by the current Minister for Education in response to strong pressure from trade unions, that kept low paid school workers from sliding further into financial difficulties.

“Pay matters to our economy here in Northern Ireland because communities depend on people being in work and earning decent pay - pay that we spend where we live and boosts local businesses and creates new jobs. Pay affects pension contributions, pay during periods of illness, annual, parental and carers leave to mention the major elements influenced by low pay.”

UNISON pickets will be held at the headquarters of the five Education and Library Boards from 8am - 11am on July 10.