US delegation to visit Maghera birthplace of man who penned Declaration of Independence

Magherafelt District Council is expected to host a delegation from the ‘Sons of America Revolution’ (SAR) which will visit the Maghera area on May 4.
Charles ThomsonCharles Thomson
Charles Thomson

The group has a particular interest in Maghera and Upperlands, due to the historical association with Charles Thomson who was born in Gorteade.

He lived in Gorteade Cottages and frequented Thomson House which was his father’s business. He was first secretary of the Continental Congress and was the man who penned the Declaration of Independence. He also informed George Washington that he was president.

Thomson was one of the greatest figures in American history, besides penning the declaration of independence he was responsible for the Latin script on the dollar bill. He also brokered a deal with the Indians.

The delegation from SAR are 80 members including retired federal judges, US Navy Commanders, a retired Admiral, a former Governor and several retired US Army and Airforce Generals.

There will also be a descendant of one of those who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Maghera Historical Society will be assisting in the tour. The party is expected to spend about five hours in the area. The council will provide funding for a marquee, hospitality and commemorative plaques.

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