Valerie enjoys her love for Egyptian cooking

Dr Valerie WestfieldDr Valerie Westfield
Dr Valerie Westfield
Teacher Dr Valerie Westfield who has moved back to her native town of Lisburn is planning to release her first recipe book soon on one of her favourite passions, Egyptian cooking.

Valerie, owner of Cook Like an Egyptian is available for cookery demonstrations and recently took part in a food festival in North Wales where she met a chef who has invited her to take part in the highly acclaimed and popular television show Saturday Kitchen.

Valerie who lived in North Wales for the past 25 years and has been married to social worker and accountant Amir from Egypt for the past eight years, is currently living at the Maze.

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The former Forthill High School pupil met Amir while on holiday in Egypt and married two years later. Valerie who loves cooking anyway discovered a love for Egytian cooking and often cooks dishes such as calves liver for friends and family.

A member of the Coptic Orthodox Church she is also a speaker at Open Doors which serves persecuted Christians worldwide.

An English and History supply teacher she recently worked at the Blessed Edwards Jones High School in North Wales.

A Day in Valerie’s life: I get up around 6.30am and the first thing that I do is take the dog for a walk. She is a lovely Yorkshire Terrier called Lulu who is just five years of age which I got from a rescue shelter Capricorn. My last dog was Toby a collie which I also got from Capricorn.

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Before I start my day I feed the dog and cats Alfie and Harvey. All the animals must get fed first before I do. I have a coffee and then breakfast.

The dog gets a walk three times a day. I employ a dog walker who takes her out at lunchtime and then I would walk the dog again when I get home.

The school that I was recently with was in North Wales and an hours drive away so I leave before 8am to get into work in plenty of time.

I teach history for years 7 to 11 so my whole day is teaching the subject which could be anything from Hitler and the Holocaust or Ancient Egypt and the Medieval Times.

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The day can be hectic but there is good banter and I enjoy what I do. I am with an agency and so I can have long term work, a day’s work or a whole term. I am also a Special Needs teacher.

I go home after work and walk the dog again. I watch TV in the evening. My husband sometimes has to do sleep ins so I might have friends round to try out a new recipe - they are my guinea pigs.I head to bed anytime between 11.30pm to 12.30am. For cookery demos contact Valerie on 07774796508.