Vast majority of Census forms returned

The vast majority of Census forms in the Ballymoney area have been returned, with about one householder in six responding online. Census staff are continuing to call with the remaining households who have not yet returned their Census form.

Commenting on the initial results of the post-back and online completions, Registrar General for Northern Ireland, Dr Norman Caven said: “I am grateful to householders who have returned their Census forms in such large numbers.

“I do however urge households who have not yet completed or posted back their forms to do so as soon as possible so that everyone in their area is counted and their community does not miss out on their proper share of finance for local services. Because the Census is so important it is a legal obligation to complete the form, and anyone not doing so is liable to a fine of up to £1000.”

Over the next few weeks census staff will visit remaining households in Ballymoney to encourage householders to fill out and return their questionnaires. Census forms can also be filled in online at

Those householders who have second homes that they may be visiting over the Easter holidays are also reminded that a Census form, answering only a few questions about the property, is required for that dwelling.

For more information or to request a replacement form call 03000 2011 20 or visit

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