Violent crime figures down in Moyle

MOYLE police have reported a reduction in the number of non-domestic violent crimes involving injury.

Chief Inspector Brenda Cairns Area Commander Moyle explained: “Police officers and staff protect people. We seek to ensure that you are safe from the threats and risks to your safety posed by violent crime.

“Incidents of non-domestic violence being reported have reduced from 36 to 20 this year.

““Violence against the person with injury’ figures are currently showing reductions in Moyle. Moyle did not experience the same increase this year as there was during the summer months last year and figures are significantly lower.

“In Moyle, there were two recorded violence with injury crimes in September – levels have been showing a decreasing trend since June. Figures would be expected to remain relatively low until December. The weekend tends to be the peak period for assaults of all nature.”

Addressing the issue of domestic violence, Ch Insp Cairns said: “It is important to realise that before a partner makes a complaint they may have endured years of mental abuse and physical violence. I hope that co-operation with Women’s Aid continues and improves with the PCSPs and with the community, who can do so much to help those victims with initial steps to be taken in reporting an offender.”