Volunteer may stand down over protest

Fundraisers at Bow StreetFundraisers at Bow Street
Fundraisers at Bow Street
The chairperson of Cignet, a community group in Crumlin and member of the PCSP claimed that he is considering standing down over controversy relating to protests in the village, recently.

Via Facebook, the chairperson said that he tried to secure a meeting with the PSNI and PCSP over concerns that sex offenders/paedophiles were living in the area.

“I have passed on the contact details of some of the concerned residents I met at the protest to the PCSP,” he said.

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“I feel it would be helpful for the organisers of the protest to make themselves known to the community if they want to proceed with this in order to give guidance to concerned residents.

“As a member of this community with young grandchildren of my own I feel disappointed and disillusioned with the lack of answers forthcoming. I am just an ordinary resident who volunteers in the community and have tried to ensure the matter is dealt with appropriately.

“Unfortunately at the protest I was verbally abuse. This is not something myself or Cignet as a group can actually do. This is a matter for the police or indeed political representatives and I would urge everyone with concerns to redirect them to the appropriate bodies, as am I.

“On the back of this, I am sorry to announce that I will be considering stepping back from all community activities including as Cignet chairperson and PCSP member.”

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Antrim PSNI Commander Chief Inspector Natalie Wilson said: “Police and PCSP are working to identify an appropriate venue and time for a meeting that could identify any issues that the community may have. It is hoped that this issue can be resolved quickly through meaningful dialogue.”