Wad of cash stolen by man with '˜very slick slight of hand'

A man who had a '˜very slick slight of hand trick' is being hunted by police after a wad of notes were stolen from a local shop.


PSNI Craigavon said the man stole a wad of £20 notes from a til without the member of staff realising until an hour later.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “It involved a male approaching the till to pay for a single item, asking in a mumbled way for change of a £20, and as the cashier confirmed what he was asking, he gesticulated and gestured, but in the process managed to put his hand in the till and take a quantity of notes.

“No one should have reason to go near your till. Close it if they do. If they get aggressive, phone us immediately. If you are suspicious about someone’s intentions, get a good look at their face and general description to get as accurate info as possible for us.”