Warning issued over ‘reckless’ driving in town

Police in Carrickfergus are to consider enforcement options after an operation last week to tackle reckless driving in the borough.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team spoke to a number of drivers on Wednesday evening of last week following complaints from local residents.

The move followed concerns about the number of vehicles gathering and often driving irresponsibly on local roads and in town centre car parks, with issue coming under scrutiny at last week’s meeting of the local Policing and Community Safety Partnership.

During the operation, officers spoke to drivers and their passengers to give advice over safe driving and issues of anti-social behaviour.

Sergeant Shaun Fraser of Carrickfergus PSNI commented: “We hope that our advice will be taken on board and these drivers will stay away from behaviours that could constitute offences.

“We will be monitoring the town centre and while we hope it will not be necessary, we will consider implementing an enforcement operation. This could result in prosecutions and even vehicle seizures.

Driving brings with it certain responsibilities to both other road users and local residents. These responsibilities should not be taken lightly.”

Meanwhile, residents of the borough were given the opportunity to voice their concerns during last week’s public meeting of Carrickfergus Policing and Community Safety Partnership.

In a statement, the policing body indicated that several members of the public had raised the issue of irresponsible ‘boy /girl racers’ gathering in the harbour car park and other nearby areas in the town centre late at night.

“I would like to praise the proactive approach from the officers of Carrickfergus Neighbourhood Police Team who acted swiftly on this information to carry out an operation in the town centre area at midnight last night,” Carrick PCSP chair, Councillor Andrew Wilson said on Thursday.

“The police have told us that this operation was focused on advice and warnings and the next stage will be enforcement.

“I think this is clear evidence of Carrickfergus PCSP being responsive to issues raised by the local community.”