Watch: Recent RAF attacks on Islamic State

Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado GR4 aircraft flew their first offensive operation against Daesh terrorist targets inside Syria following a vote of approval for such action in the House of Commons on Wednesday, December 2.

Overnight, RAF Tornado GR4s, supported by a Voyager air refuelling tanker and a Reaper, and operating in conjunction with other coalition aircraft, employed Paveway IV guided bombs to conduct strikes against six targets within the extensive oilfield at Omar, 35 miles inside Syria’s eastern border with Iraq.

The Omar oilfield is one of the largest and most important to Daesh’s financial operations, and represents over 10 per cent of their potential income from oil.

Carefully selected elements of the oilfield infrastructure were targeted, ensuring the strikes will have a significant impact on Daesh’s ability to extract the oil to fund their terrorism.

The RAF has already been bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq.

The film above shows several of these attacks inside Iraq over recent months.