Waterloo Road left ‘like a ploughed field’

Travelling down the Waterloo Road is “like driving through a ploughed field.”

There have been complaints over the condition of the Waterloo Road US1504-545cd. Pics: Cliff Donaldson.

That’s according to one local motorist who says he’ll now be avoiding the road, off the Ravarnet Road, after recent pipe-laying has, he says, left it in less than satisfactory condition.

“The potholes in the road are unbelievable,” said Jim Foster.

“The whole road from one end to the other is like driving through a ploughed field.

Parts of Waterloo Road have been dug up to allow the laying of new pipes. US1504-548cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

“It’s a complete and utter mess. I was nearly clipped last week when someone tried to dodge one of the potholes and I had to swerve to miss them.

“They dug up the road from one end to the other but then just filled it in and put tarmac over the top. It’s like patchwork. I won’t go down it again.”

NI Water were recently working on the road as part of a £14m Castor Bay to Belfast Water Trunk Main Scheme and they’ve confirmed that the current state is not a permanent fix.

“Pipelaying works and temporary road reinstatement was completed on Waterloo Road on Friday 16th January 2015 and the road fully cleaned,” they said.

Potholes on Waterloo Road, Lisburn. US1504-546cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

“The permanent reinstatement of the trench will be carried out under traffic management and will not require a road closure.

“It is currently scheduled to commence on Monday 9th February 2015, and will take approximately two weeks to complete, however this will be weather dependent.

“In the intervening period, NI Water have been monitoring the temporary road reinstatement currently in place, implementing remedial measures as deemed necessary.”

Brenda Hale MLA’s office, however, has requested a complete overhaul of the road surface.

Potholes on Waterloo Road, Lisburn. US1504-547cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

“A member of our staff drove down the Waterloo Road to see first hand and we agree that it’s in very poor condition,” said an office spokesperson.

“We have asked the Roads Service for a full resurface of the road and are now waiting on a reply.”

Transport NI will be meeting with NI Water to agree the extent of the permanent repairs

Ulster Unionist Councillor Alex Redpath has already worked to help the situation.

“Mr Foster contacted me reguarding a bad pothole on the Waterloo Road and I was able to arrange for it to be repaired at the weekend,” he said.

“I will be in contact with both Transport NI and NI Water to ensure the road will be reinstated to a proper standard.”

In December, one local resident had told the STAR that he feared what way the road would be left after work was carried out and said he felt the Waterloo Road “needs to be resurfaced.”