NI weather: Icy roads with snow on the way

Motorists are being warned of the risk of icy conditions this morning as many people return to work after the festive break.

DfI Roads has reported that due to the due to the risk of icy conditions across Northern Ireland, salting has been taken or is underway on main routes likely to be affected.

Road users are advised to exercise caution when travelling, particularly when driving on untreated roads.

The wintry weather will continue today, with cold winds and snow in some areas.

The Met Office for Northern Ireland says it will be a cold windy day with northwesterly gales around coasts.

There will be occasional showers especially over northern areas, occasionally wintry with snow settling on the hills.

Although there will be some sunny intervals too, the maximum temperature will be 5 C.

Wintry showers will continue tonight but the forecast is for these to become more isolated through the night.

Motorists are warned of icy conditions.

The winds will gradually ease and a frost is expected to develop under the clear skies inland. The minimum temperature tonight is forecast to be 1 C.