Welcome for free access toleisure facilities for carers

North Antrim DUP MLA Paul Frew has welcomed Mid and East Antrim Borough Council's decision to enable carers who are attending leisure facilities as part of their caring duties, free access.

The Assembly member explained: “I have been writing and lobbying council now for some time dating right back to autumn 2015 seeking assistance in this issue.

“Many people rely on carers, no more so than severely disabled people who may wish to avail of the facilities. In fact, on many occasions, the swimming pool, jacuzzi or steam room may help ease pain or help with movements and muscle strengthening.

“Whilst it’s been the case that disabled people can gain access for free the full-time carers, most times parents who have to attend for safety reasons, had to pay full fee even though they are only there to assist their loved one.

“This is great news and I thank council for this concession. It will mean a lot for carers who work so hard.”