What is this, asks locals?

The Banbridge public has been airing its views about the new £15,277 sculpture at Kenlis Street in the town.

The new sculpture at the top of the town © Edward Byrne Photography INBL1430-201EB

The bronze sculpture was co-ordinated and funded by Mourne Heritage Trust with the Arts Council Northern Ireland and NITB. The artist took inspiration from the route of the River Bann from the rivers source at Slieve Muck, in the heart of the Mourne Mountains, to Banbridge.

The bronze flax flowers represent the linen industry which was once prevalent in the area.

A panel were involved in the selection process including the Arts Council, NITB, Mourne Heritage Trust and a representative from each council area while artists were invited to submit pieces

A Public Consultation was held in February in Banbridge Leisure Centre where people had the opportunity to air their views.

A spokesperson for the council said, “It was no cost to ratepayers as the piece was funded through the Mourne Heritage Trust with Arts Council NI and NITB.”

However, many locals have described the sculpture as a nonsense.

Drew Gregg said, “Even if it is palmed off as art with art funding, the point is, along the line somewhere, we paid for it. Total waste of anybody’s money, does nothing nor adds any form of benefit to the area.”

Wayne Hamilton commented, “What is it? Is it meant to be a crack in the wall? Whoever thought it was a good idea has a crack in their head.”

Lisa Udo said that she thought that the location is completely wrong.

Paul Adamson said the money, “Should be spent on the care home’s for our elders and to support our health services.”

Clare Hartin commented, “Lurgan gets two ten foot people, Warrenpoint gets a six foot stag and we get this!

“I mocked the Seapatrick loom shuttle but I’m embarrassed and humbled into submission with out claim to fame!”

Stephen Avery, said, “We have Balls at the Falls in Belfast, now we have ‘the crack round the back’ in Banbridge.”

“Whatever it is its broken and im sure it also broke the bank!” said David McCandless,

Esther Moody said, “I can just see someone sitting on top of it in a Saturday night with a bottle of Bucky.” Joanne Mildred Stewart described it as a “Waste of money and time, it will be wrecked in no time.”