Who’s that golfer who looks likeMr Falls?

HE might be mistaken for golf’s newest superstar Rory McIlroy when he’s out on the course, but it was back to the classroom as normal on Monday for Richard Falls to teach his P4 class.

Richard, who now lives in Waringstown, is forever being mistaken for the fresh faced 22-year-old Rory who completed a remarkable four days on Sunday to clinch his first major title with an incredible eight-shot victory in the US Open.

Richard who is 28, and plays a four ball every Saturday at Belvoir Golf Club, is actually used to people asking for his autograph while others shout ‘Rory’ to try and get his attention.

While it may irritate some, Richard takes it all in his stride.

What they certainly have in common is a love of golf. Even if Richard isn’t quite in Rory’s class, well who is?

“I am quite a keen sportsperson and I have decided to concentrate on that and try to get my handicap into single figures,” he said.

“One time I was in a golf club and there was a Ferrari sitting outside. People in the clubhouse were telling the staff they had seen Rory playing. I had people watching me on the course where really believing I was Rory.

“Another time I was walking into a country club when people started shouting ‘Rory’. I even got a text from a woman who was staying at Lough Erne golf resort asking why my picture was hanging in the golf resort - she didn’t know about Rory then.

“The older children at the school who are doing projects know who Rory is and have remarked that I look like him.”

It’s not clear if Rory has ever been stopped and asked if he’s still teaching in Finaghy Primary.