Wilson calls for developments to urban greenways

Ulster Unionist councillor Darryl Wilson has called on council officers to explore options for enhancing the current 'urban greenway' which is situated in the town centre.

Councillor Darryl Wilson
Councillor Darryl Wilson
Councillor Darryl Wilson

“At present we have town centre paths/greenways which run from Ballymoney Railway Station to the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre, and from the Bravallen Road carpark to Greengage Lane.

“These pathways are ideally situated so that people can walk, jog, cycle etc. From one side of the town to the other without using the busy and congested town centre roads.

“The path from the station to the JDLC has streetlights installed. The other path from Bravallen Road to Greengage has not.

“I have asked council officers to explore options and costings for adding lighting to the Bravallen to Greengage stretch, this would mean that the routes could be used all year round and would not be restricted by daylight hours.

“The health, wellbeing and safety of local people should be paramount, adding lighting to these areas would be beneficial to the entire community.”