Woman '˜attacked by partner' outside McDonald's restaurant

A man allegedly attacked his partner outside a restaurant after threatening to 'beat her so badly she wouldn't see out of her eyes', the High Court heard on Tuesday.


Philip Dunlop, 39, is accused of shoving the woman into a car and punching her about the head up to 20 times before others intervened at a McDonald’s in Portadown.

Dunlop, of Obre Avenue in the town, faces a charge of common assault over the incident on April 21.

He was refused bail after a judge was told he turned up at the woman’s home within hours of being released by the PSNI.

Mr Justice McCloskey said: “This was a flagrant, barefaced and premeditated breach - he thumbed his nose to the police, the law and the legal system.”

Crown lawyer Natalie Pinkerton said the alleged victim claimed Dunlop pushed her into the Volkswagen Golf after arriving to collect her at McDonald’s.

“She indicated the applicant threatened to beat her so badly she wouldn’t see out of her eyes,” the barrister said.

Members of the public informed officers they saw a man repeatedly punching the female passenger in the parking bay area.

Witnesses intervened to get her out of the car and take the keys out of the ignition, according to the prosecution.

Dunlop was said to have left the scene on foot, only being located last week.

Ms Pinkerton claimed CCTV footage from McDonald’s shows the woman being shoved into the vehicle, and up to five people later running to her assistance.

Defence counsel Damien Halleron accepted there was a prima facie case of a “distressing, unsavoury incident”.

He argued that his client only breached police bail by turning up at the woman’s house because all his clothes and money were there.

But citing the risk of re-offending, Mr Justice McCloskey ruled Dunlop must remain in custody.

He added: “The applicant will benefit from a cooling off period.”