‘Worst rainfall ever in Dunloy’

A North Antrim MLA is calling for a meeting with statutory bodies following “unprecedented” rainfall in Rasharkin and Dunloy over the weekend.

Sinn Fein’s Daithi McKay said: “A number of properties were unfortunately flooded in the area on Friday and a number narrowly avoided being flooded because of the quick thinking and work of communities on the ground as well as statutory agencies.

“It is one of the heaviest rainfalls I have seen in terms of concentration but I do think that it has flagged up some cases where flooding risk needs to be again assessed and preventative work carried out.

“I visited a number of properties in Rasharkin over the weekend and these are clearly examples where homes have been at risk from flooding on numerous occasions over the past five years.

“Prevention is obviously better than the cure and we will be meeting with statutory agencies to discuss these cases where solutions to the risk posed are clear to see.”

Meanwhile, Ballymoney Sinn Féin councillor Philip McGuigan has said that the flooding in the village of Dunloy last Friday was “the worst ever experienced by the residents of Dunloy”.

Cllr. McGuigan said: “At a stage around midday it appeared as if there was a fast flowing river flowing though the village. The amount of water flowing along the Bridge, Tullaghans road and Bellaghy Road was unprecedented.

“Manhole covers were being lifted all across the village as the intensity of the rain grew.

“Residents have never seen anything like it before. One property unfortunately suffered from flooding whilst numerous others had a lucky escape.

“Nothing can be done to stop heavy rain but given the circumstance of last week I will be working with the Rivers Agency, Roads Service and NI Water to ensure that lessons are learnt and that infrastructure improvement is implemented were required,” he concluded.