England fans set to pay £8,500 to get to World Cup final

It's the situation every Three Lions fan dreams of but if England make it to the World Cup final it could turn into a financial nightmare as new data has revealed fans will have to dish out £8,667 to cover the costs of attending.

The new data from MoneySuperMarket analysed the last decade's worth of international football tournaments to establish the cost of attending one and reveal the true cost of attending the World Cup tournament.

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According to the research, fans looking to follow England to their group stage games against Tunisia, Panama and Belgium will need to budget for a minimum of £3,803, and that's before internal travel is factored into the equation.

With group stage games in Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod (987.8 kilometres apart respectively) and also Kaliningrad (a province between Poland and Lithuania), the cost of travelling around the country could mount up considerably early into the tournament.

However, if England improve on performances in recent tournaments it'll still cost fans a small fortune with supporters paying £4,959 if England make the last 16 in the tournament, £6,115 if they reach the quarter final and £7,511 if the team reach the semi-final.

Winning save

But it's not all bad news for the wallet though.

England's early exits in recent years has actually saved fans £19,604 on flights, accommodation, tickets and beer because of early tournament exits.

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The research took the cost of flights, average hotel cost, travel insurance, match ticket cost and a minimum of two beers into consideration when analysing the average costs.

With the high costs of travelling to the World Cup, Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket is encouraging all fans to get the right insurance for the trip.

Pratt said: 'When you run a quote for a trip to Russia on a comparison site, you'll be asked whether you're visiting the east or west of the Ural Mountains, so work out which is right for you, or indeed whether you need both locations.

'Never be tempted to skimp on travel cover, wherever you are going. If you are injured or taken ill, medical bills can escalate into thousands of pounds, and the cost of repatriating you back to the UK if necessary can push the figure much higher.

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"Your policy will also provide vital cover against loss or theft of your belongings, and a host of other benefits. A single traveller to the west of Russia can get two weeks' cover in June for under £10, so cost shouldn't be an issue.

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