Here's how to send in your nomination for best postie award

Has your postie gone the extra mile to make your life a little easier during lockdown?

From delivering parcels to helping us stay communicated with the outside world, postal workers have brightened our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Has your postie done something exceptional during these troubled times or helped to put a smile on your neighbours’ faces on the daily rounds?

Nationwide search

Amazing stories of posties going above and beyond to bring joy to people trapped in their homes have inspired Postage Supermarket to launch a nationwide competition.

The online parcel courier service is scouring the country for the best postie and are calling for nominations.

Fancy dress

Their hunt has been inspired by stories such as Jon Matson who does his rounds in fancy dress, ranging from Where’s Wally to cheerleader, from Viking warrior to children’s nursery rhyme character Little Bo Peep.

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Dad of two Jon is a postie in Jarrow, near Newcastle, and has built up an extensive collection of fancy dress outfits through taking part in Boxing Day swims.

Charity fundraisers

Postal workers in Deeside have raised £5,750 for NHS Charities Together and Support NHS Wales by dressing up as superheroes, storm troopers and tins of Spam.

In the Norfolk town of Dereham posties in fancy dress have been lifting spirits and raising cash for charity. One of them, a male, has dressed as a Pink Lady, from the film Grease, others have dressed as pirates. The Dereham mail delivery team is aiming to raise £1300 for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Trust Charity Covid19 Appeal.

Somerset postman Mark Shotton has been brightening up the streets of Bruton by wearing a different fancy dress every day to celebrate his freedom from isolation after developing coronavirus symptoms.

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Nominate your hero

If you think your postie deserves the title of nation’s best, then copy and paste this web link on your phone or laptop.

You will need to supply a photograph of your postie together with a completed online form stating why you are voting for them.

The website will also give you a form which you can print off and leave on your doorstep telling your postie that you want to talk to them.

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