If you have one of these 10 names you're more likely to be stingy

Do you have a friend who is always reluctant to get a round in? According to a new survey, their stinginess might all be down to their name.

Online marketplace, OnBuy, conducted a survey of 3,000 peop,le to find out more about their spending habits and to discover which names were most common among the UK's biggest spenders and savers.

People named Matt and Emma were found to be the most frugal, while Karens and Joshuas were the biggest spenders.

Researchers compiled a top 10 of the most and least frugal names belonging to UK men and women using data on spending habits collected over a three year period.

Top 10 names belonging to the UK's biggest spenders


1 Karen2 Courtney3 Stephanie4 Maddie5 April6 Jessica7 Mary8 Georgia9 Catherine10 Amanda

Men named Joshua were discovered to be the biggest male spenders (Photo: Shutterstock)


1 Joshua2 Chris3 Callum4 Scott5 Lewis6 Luke7 Jacob8 Marcus9 Philip10 Andy

Top 10 most frugal names


1 Emma2 Katie3 Julie4 Alice5 Zoe6 Kelly7 Lucy8 Claire9 Sarah10 Amy


1 Matthew2 Jack3 Sam4 James5 Simon6 Edward7 Connor8 Paul9 Ben10 Liam

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