You can get DNA test kits used on Jeremy Kyle Show in Home Bargains for £5 - but there's a catch

Who needs to go on the Jeremy Kyle Show? Home Bargains are selling DNA test kits used on the confrontational ITV show for under a fiver.

The bargain chain is stocking the DNA test kits for just £4.99 in its stores across the UK - and they’re reportedly flying off the shelves.

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The test kit, provided by laboratory AlphaBiolabs - the same company that makes tests for The Jeremy Kyle Show - is said to be the fastest, most accurate home DNA paternity test in the UK.

The firm said the kits are proving to be very popular with the public and the rapid results reduce the waiting time.

In 2016, the company was recognised by a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for their innovative DNA testing services.

The DNA test kit comes with cheek swabs and consent forms, which must be signed and posted back to the lab.

But there’s a twist

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But there's a catch - it requires a £99 processing charge before the results are delivered by email.

The kit also works for sibling, grandparent, aunt and uncle tests.

No need to go on Jeremy Kyle when you can get a DNA test at home bargains for a fiver. Oh wait you need to pay £99 for the test, never mind

— facelessloser (@facelessloser) October 13, 2017