BYGONE DAYS: Sale sees prices for sheep hit 12,000gns

Prices had reached 12,000 guineas at the Ulster Ram Breeders’ Association show and sale which had been held in Ballymena Mart during this week in October 2008 reported Farming Life.

Overall champion Eamon Conway with John Taggart Northern Bank and Bill Ferris. PIc Kevin McAuley

Two men well-know to Blackface breeders in Scotland, Peter Myles from Dalbogs, and David Baillie Jnr from Calla, judged the shearlings and ram lambs respectively.

John Murphy Snr of Shane’s Castle, Antrim, judged the champion of champion. The award went to the Conway Brothers of Plumbridge. The animal, which was also champion ram lamb, changed hands for the sale’s second highest price, 10,000 guineas.

The reserve champion of champion – and champion shearling – consigned by Rodger Crawford of Parkmore, sold for 2,000 guineas.

Catherine Crawford who was the reserve overall champion with John Taggart from Northern Bank and Roger Crawford pictured at the URBA show in Ballymena Mart in October 2008. Picture: Kevin McAuley/Farming Life archives

Robert Loughery from Limavady received the top shearling price of 5,200 guineas, followed by J McCalmont from Glenarm who had the second, third and fifth prices of 4,500 guineas, 3,700 guineas and 2,000 guineas.

J and G Loughery from Limavady took fourth with a top price of 2,700 guineas.

The reserve champion ram lamb, exhibited by Harkin Brothers of Donemana fetched the day’s top price of 12,000 guineas.

The third highest ram lamb price – 5,000 guineas – went to Owen and Paul McEvoy of Kilcoo.

The winning group of five at the URBA show in Ballymena Mart in October 2008 went to Smyths. They are pictured with judge Peter Myles. Picture: Kevin McAuley/Farming Life archives

Frankie McCullough from Ballynahinch received the fourth highest price of 3,400 guineas, and James Carson for Clough and Andrew Hunter from Glenarm, both received the fifth highest price of 2,500 guineas.

Champion, Rodger Crawford, Parkmore; reserve champion, William Smyth, Limavavdy, second reserve champion, David Caskey, Coleraine.

Class 1, singles, 1, David Caskey, Coleraine, 2, Tom Adams, Rathkenny, 3, Trevor Wray, Carnlough, 4, S and K Harkin, Limavady, 5, Mark Smyth, Coleraine, 5, James Carson, Clough,

Class 2, group of five, 1, William Smyth, Limavady, 2, Rodger Crawford, Parkmore, 3, Harkin Brothers, Donemana, 4, Sandy Carson, Clough, 5, Mark Smyth, Coleraine.

The group of three winners were owned by Conway Brothers who are pictured with Harold Dickie Ian Kennedy and judge David Baillie. Picture: Kevin McAuley/Farming Life archives

Class 3, pairs, 1, Tom Adams, Rathkenny, 2, Ian Crawford, Parkmore, 3, Sam Adams, Broughshane, 4, William McCann, Glenravel, 5, Watson Brothers, Coleraine, 6, Trevor Wray, Carnlough.

Ram lambs, judged by David Baillie Jnr:

Champion: Conway Brothers, Plumbridge, reserve champion, Harkin Brothers, Donemana, second reserve champion, Conway Brothers.

Class 1, singles, 1, Conway Brothers, Plumbridge, 2, O and P McEvoy, Kilcoo, 3, Sam Wallace, Broughshane, 4, A and J Knox, 5, Conway Brothers, 6, Billy Grant, Killaloo.

John Taggart from the Northern Bank, John Murphy, judge, Mark Smyth, Harold Dickey and Ian Kennedy at the URBA show in Ballymena Mart in October 2008. Picture: Kevin McAuley/Farming Life archives

Class 2, group of three, 1, Conway Brothers, 2, Harkin Brothers, 3, Tom Adams, Rathkenny, 4, Watson Brothers, Coleraine, 5, Cathal Breslin, Castlederg, 6, Sam Adams, Broughshane.

Other leading prices (in guineas) for shearling included: J and G Loughery, 1,700, 1,700, 800, David Cahon, 1,700, John Kelly, 1,700, Robert Loughery, 1,700, 1,200. 1,000, Charles Philip, 1,500, 1,400, 1,000, 1,000, John McCalmont, 1,200, Mark Smyth, 900.

Ram lambs: Conway Brothers, 2,200, 2,000, Joe Adams, 2,000, Michael McAleer, 2,000, 1,300, Sam Adams, 2,000, I and W Watson, 1,600, 1,100, James McCurdy, 1,600, 1,600, David Caskey, 1,500, Harkin Brothers, 1,400, Loughash Farms, 1,400, Brian Wharry, 1,150.


Demand of Charolais suckled calves had reached a peak of £1,220 as the first round of sales progressed at Swatragh. But a new high was recorded when Sean McCloskey of Claudy received £2,250 for a 456kilo heifer which took the supreme championship in the NI Charolais Club’s suckled calf competition.

The judge, Mr Andrew Patterson, said: “Sean McCloskey brought out a batch of around 30 Charolais calves which were outstanding.

“They have growth potential and conformation that beef finishers are seeking.”