Adrian opens door to Sports Bond success

DIRECT door-to-door canvassing for Sports Bond is being carried on each week.

Just two weeks ago Adrian Jackson joined in the Kintullagh Park area. Now two weeks later, Adrian (A0355) is a major 50 winner, not bad! Adrian is a member of Luke Gaston’s agency.

In Cromkill, Andy Millar (B2805) was a 50 winner on the agency of Andrew Boyd. A previous family member, Stephen, was a 1,000 jackpot winner.

In Gracehill, Maurice Anderson had a 50 winner with Isabel Gillespie (A1952). At the Blackstone, staff member Dimitar Chimbulev (B4536) was a 50 major winner on David Workman’s agency. Dimitar is a previous winner on Sports Bond.

Glebe Rangers’ Assistant Manager, Peter Tweed (A0808) was a 10 minor winner on Patricia Thompson’s agency.

Luke Gaston had a 10 winner with Collette McGroggan (C1971). In Clough, Ann Hume had a 10 winner with Herbert Shaw (B2559) and the last minor winner was Paul McAuley (A0054) on Leslie Kinnear’s agency.

David Gordon (B0355), owner of the Hawthorn Bar in Portglenone, was a 15 consolation winner on the Hawthorn Bar’s agency.

No jackpot winner was found with the numbers 5, 14, 15, 21, and so it rises to 300.


There will be two First Scores this week. At Crusaders on Tuesday, 31st and for the Northern Ireland match with Slovenia.

The winner of First Score at the Glenavon game was David Morrison who held the 8 minute winning scratch card, winning him 30.


To arrange a collection, ring (028) 25641886. The Used Clothing Company have come to support the Club further by taking a trackside sign for the next season, and hopefully beyond.

Robert Dunlop is delighted how the campaign is going and is pleased to support the Club further.


Our match sponsor this week for the Cliftonville game is Crosskeys Meats Factory Shop at Craigstown Industrial Estate, Craigstown Road, Randalstown.

The Company, Crosskeys Meats, is a previous sponsor, but the factory shop is a new extension to the business. Proprietor, Paul McKee, welcomes all United supporters to visit his new shop for a vast array of prime cuts at fantastic prices.