Anglers switch lures to cope with changing conditions

Anglers again enjoyed some tremendous weekend weather at Craigmore Fishery with cold conditions in the mornings keeping the fish down, bloodworm damsels and buzzers working.


However, when the temperature gets up in the afternoon dark olive and red dry flies working well.

Jonny McNeill 53 on 3 visits on bloodworm and the weed fly [email protected]+Lb [email protected]+lb and a lot 3-4lb. Leslie Beggs 27 on lures [email protected] and [email protected]+lb. John Hughes 11 on lures few 3+lb!

Gary Cruthers and Trevor Irvine 15-20 each mostly on drys a few on crunchers [email protected]+lb each and Gary [email protected]+lb. John McNeill 11 on buzzers, Gunter Schiefter 13 on damsels [email protected]+lb and few 3+lb! Jimmy Irvine 11 [email protected]+lb and few 3+lb, Simon Kinley 16 on bloodworm and damsels [email protected] 2oz [email protected]+lb!

Tom Smith 12 [email protected] and [email protected], Mark Telford 13 on mixed flys [email protected]+lb! Glen Madden 11 on mixed flys [email protected]+lb, Andy McClelland 39 on 2 visits on bloodworm and lures [email protected]+lb, [email protected]+lb and all the rest 3-5lb. Ruth Arrell 10 on the weed [email protected], Sandy Dorien 12 on the weed [email protected]+lb!

Michael Currie 12 with [email protected]+lb Billy Hazalett 9 on drys and lures, Jeff Davidson 8 on shuttlecocks [email protected]+lb! Davy Couples 8 [email protected] and [email protected] on bloodworm and cats whiskers, Neil Wilson 7 with [email protected], [email protected]+lb and [email protected], Jason Gibb landed 15 on bloodworm [email protected]+lb and [email protected]+lb! Noel Black 12 on lures and drys [email protected] and [email protected]

Other nice fish caught included young Tom Turner 7+lb fish on a lure.