Annual Helen Martin Trophy contest is held

A SERIES of matches were played for the annual Helen Martin Trophy competition between Friends School, Lisburn and Wallace High School recently.

The competition which was inaugurated in memory of Helen Martin, a former Head of Girls’ PE at Friends, brings together all the hockey playing girls from both Wallace and Friends in sporting rivalry. 2012 saw Friends retain the trophy for an 8th year in succession winning 17 points to 8. The results were as follows:

U12AXI - drew 2-2 - captained by Rachel Barnes.

U12BXI - drew 0-0 - captained by Rachel Morrison.

U13AXI - drew 0-0 - captained by Anna McDermott.

U13BXI - lost 1-0 - captained by Beth Lockhart.

U14AXI - won 5-0 - captained by Sophie Reid.

U14BXI - drew 2-2 - captained by Rachel Sullivan.

3rdXI - won 1-0 - captained by Gemma Trimble.

2BXI - won 1-0 - captained by Rachel Campbell.

2ndXI - won 3-2 - captained by Claire McKeag.

1stXI - drew 1-1 - captained by Kirsty Walker.