Another great result for Dromore Seniors against Donaghadee

Another good result for Dromore Senior Bowling team when they were visitors to Donaghadee on Saturday last in a league game taking five points in a fourteen shot victory.

Rink 1 W Paylor W Clinghan F Cranny D Shanks

Rink 2 A Matthews T Wilson D Burns SG Malcomson

Rink 3 R Bolton R Malcomson K Aiken J McKenny

Rink 4 D Graham A Johnston R Greer G Clinghan

The seniors had made a good start to lead by six at the five end stage; Shanks had opened up a six shot lead McKenny was two ahead with SG and Clinghan down by a single each.

When the halfway stage was reached the visitors were just a single in front Shanks was still going well at nine ahead Sg down by six McKenny three down and Clinghan one up.

The seniors were now getting their act together at the three quarter stage to lead by thirteen. Shanks was still looking good at seven ahead Sg had a good quarter to lead by one McKenny was now in trouble at six down while Clinghan had got his rink going to lead by eleven.

In the final six ends the seniors made sure of victory with Clinghan playing a big part scoring a twenty one shot victory SG got home by three Shanks got a surprise in the run in to go down by three and McKenny making no impression going down by three.

Dromore Juniors

Dromore Juniors were again in a tense finish in their league game against Holywood at home on Saturday last going down to a three shot defeat.

Rink 1 J Black J Noddings J Topping S Malcomson

Rink 2 J McCullough G McDowell T Gribben A Sudlow

Rink 3 E Walker S Dugan H Maxwell T Sudlow

Rink 4 S Harrison H Hylands I Houston G Dawson.

After the first five ends the juniors lead by two A Sudlow was four ahead T Sudlow started well to have an advantage of nine Malcomson was six in arrears Dawson losing five singles to be in the red.

The visitors in the next five ends were getting the better of the exchanges to lead by five with only one local rink ahead T Sudlow was seven to the good A Sudlow now in arrears of three Malcomson now eight behind with Dawson just trailing by a single.

At three quarter stage the visitors had increased their lead to ten A Sudlow in front by four T Sudlow under pressure had his lead cut to three Dawson’s arrears were now two and Malcomson was in deep trouble fourteen in the red.

In the last six ends a big comeback was needed as in the game last week but this week it was not to be going down by three shots. A Sudlow the only winning rink nine to the good T Sudlow two down Dawson finished three down and Malcomson seven in the red.

Tomorrow evening (wed) the seniors are at home to Ulster Maple Leaf the juniors away to Moat Park. Saturday is Irish Cup day with seniors at home to Markethill and the juniors away to Private Green team Ewarts.